How Can I Control My Asthma?

If you know you have asthma, there are some simple ways to control and manage your asthma so you don't have an asthma episode.

  • Stay away from or keep things out of your home that start or trigger asthma attacks. This includes dust, smoke, cold air and other irritants (Clean Air section: what is pollution). You may have to keep a pet outside, or stay indoors during heavy pollution days.
  • Quit smoking. It is certainly good to stop smoking. Not only is smoke a major asthma trigger for the smoker (smoking is definitely NOT healthy for an asthma sufferer) - but also for others who breathe in the secondhand smoke.
  • Clean and dust the home regularly. You may have to take out rugs and carpets - they get dusty and moldy. Try to clean the house when a person with asthma is not home.
  • Dust-proof the bed. Wash sheets and blankets often in hot water. Do not use feather or straw bedding. You can cover the bed in a special dust-proof cover.
  • Use windows to keep the air fresh and clean. Open the windows when you are cooking, dusting or painting to let out the fumes. Close windows when the air outside is especially dirty from pollution or pollen.
  • Take your asthma medicine regularly and as the doctor prescribes. The doctor can give you a simple plan to help keep track of what medicine you need to take and when.


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