Clean Air

10 Ways to Clean the Air

Each and every day people drive cars, run factories, use hairspray and do other activities that produce air pollution. Yet many people don't realize that there are lots of things we can also do every day that will help stop air pollution!

1. Paint with water-based paints. Did you know that on an average day, drying paint releases more smog-forming compounds into the air than all of the area's oil-refineries and gas stations combined? Oil-based paints contain three to five times more polluting solvents than water-based, latex paints.



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2. Pump it up! Aerosol cans of hairspray, deodorant and other products contribute to smog. Try using pump sprays and roll-on products.

3. Think green - plant trees. Trees not only add beauty and shade, but provide oxygen, break down pollutants and reduce dust.

4. Start your barbecue differently. Charcoal lighter fluid is a pollutant. Start your fire with self-lighting charcoal or use a barbecue fueled by propane or natural gas.

5. Insulate your home. The less energy you use to heat or cool your home, the less pollution utility power plants will create. Caulk and weatherstripping on your doors and windows help more than you know!

6. Carpooling and public transportation. Fewer cars on the road reduces smog and traffic congestion. If you can, try combining errands into one trip.

7. Ride a bike, run or walk. You won't create any pollution, and it's great exercise.

8. Don't top off your tank. Spilled gas from a fuel pump fills the air with toxic pollutants such as benzene.

9. Make sure your car's air conditioner and engine are well-tuned. Leaky air conditioners are the number one source of chlorofluorocarbons, chemicals that destroy the earth's protective ozone layer. A dirty, out-of-tune engine wastes gas and increases emissions.

10. Vote for clean air. Urge your politicians on local, state and national levels to support clean air programs and legislation.

Material taken from the South Coast Air Quality Management District "25 Ways You Can Clean the Air" pamphlet

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