Breathe Life NOW Order Form

Breathe Life NOW is an evergreen public service announcement that you can use at any time of the year. It promotes the American Lung Association with a positive message about breathing, and features people of diverse backgrounds and ages.

This PSA is available in a 30-second version and a 60-second version.
All tapes ordered will contain both versions.

Lightning Dubbs is handling all of the orders for the Breathe Life NOW PSA. They will bill each individual ALA directly. Please follow the step-by-step instructions and fill out the form below.

Deadline for Ordering: October 15, 2001.

* = Required Field
Step One General Information
*Contact Name:
*Lung Association Name:
*Zip Code:
Step Two Local I.D. Information

You must order a local I.D. if you intend to distribute the PSA to your market. If you only wish to order screening copies for your own use, the I.D. information will be for the ALA of Los Angeles County.

Local I.D.s = $65 per I.D.

Local I.D.:
Example: American Lung Association of Los Angeles County
Local Phone Number:
If you do not wish your local phone number, is 1-800-LUNG-USA okay?
Yes No
Local Website Address, if any:
If you do not have a local website address, is okay?
Yes No

Step Three Ordering & Costs

Rates include new stock, duplication, cases, labels and handling. All work is 100% guaranteed.

¾ Video

1 copy = $18.70

2-4 copies = $15.30 each

5-19 copies = $13.60 each

20-49 copies = $11.90 each

50-99 copies = $10.20 each

100-199 copies = $8.50 each

# of ¾ Videos:

1-inch Video

1 copy = $25.20

2 + copies = $20.70 each

# of 1-inch Videos:

Beta SP Video

1 copy = $38.00

2 + copies = $33.25 each

* For Non SP deduct $5 per tape

# of Beta SP Videos:

VHS Video

1 copy = $13.60 each

2-4 copies = $10.20 each

5-19 copies = $7.65 each

20-49 copies = $5.10 each

50-99 copies = $3.83 each

100-199 copies = $2.98 each

200 + copies = $2.55 each

# of VHS Videos:

Step Four How To Pay
You may charge payment to a credit card or open an account with Lightning Dubbs. Please choose:

Credit Card Payment

Open An Account

The forms Lightning Dubbs requires will be e-mailed to you, based on the choice youve made.

Step Five Shipping Information
Lightning Dubbs will ship your order directly to you, to the address you gave above. Please specify your shipping preference:

FedEx Account Number:

UPS Account Number:

Airborne Express Account Number:

To complete your order, press SEND. You will receive an e-mail confirmation within 24 hours. Thank you for ordering.

Problems? Helpful E-mails

Andrea Van Hook
ALA of Los Angeles County

Seth Hallen
Lightning Dubbs

updated 2-18-01
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