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Local Rider's Journal 7-17-98


Hi amici mei-

Madison, WI is a BEAUTIFUL city. Downtown is located on a small bridge of land between the two large lakes -- Mendota (to the north) and Monona (to the south). Lake Woebegone can't be far away, eh?

Today I am backing up the computer and preparing to compose a few pix to send out to update my travels to the present. I came across two pictures of flowers I took on the University of Wisconsin campus yesterday, and I want to send those along before I do anything else. I know they've not cycling pix, but I like them very much and I wanted to share them with you. The flowers were in a planter in front of the gorgeous Tudor "University Club" on the campus. There is no distinct campus, really, it is in the city and buildings and dorms are peppered throughout.

Madison is of course the capitol of Wisconsin. Both the capitol building and UW are located in the idyllic downtown district, approx. 10 blocks apart at opposite ends of charming State Street. Today is an official rest day before the ride resumes tomorrow morning at 6 am.

The attached file gte7-171.jpg copyright 1998 Bob Bradford.

The attached file gte7-172.jpg copyright 1998 Bob Bradford.



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