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Local Rider's Journal 7-22-98


Hi amici -

Have you ever seen a stunning cornfield? Indiana's the place. After 1500 miles of cornfields what more was there to see? The ride to Kendallville, IN yesterday showed us. Gorgeous. We also had several stretches of beautiful new pavement and some of the only tailwinds of the trip so far. 93.8 miles, a wonderful day. It was a surprise to see how many fine old houses are out there among the corn. Houses of diverse styles from 1920s cottage to large German- looking brick mansions to stone. Can't wait to show you the rest of the pix. Also encountered Amish land for the first time yesterday. I expected to see a carriage or two but there were scores of them. Almost all the people waved and smiled at me apparently as interested in my trike as I was in their carriages.

Severe thunderstorms last night - the most lightning I've ever seen. Continuous flashes for several hours - the local news said at the rate of 650 strikes per hour. There were many soggy riders this morning. Many had been fooled by the idyllic camp setting by a lake and the campground in the tall trees. Because is was so hot and humid most had gone to sleep without the rain flys on their tent. A decision they would regret. I opted for the Best Western instead of camp - a very good move indeed. Even thought he power flickered on and off in the motel for two or three hours it ultimately stayed on, unlike in several neighboring communities where it is still off today.

Today we crossed the Ohio line and are camped in the tiny town of Napoleon. Tomorrow we pedal into Sandusky and the following day is a day off. After Sandusky we will be in the final week!!! Who wooda thought.



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