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GTE Big Ride Riders List

2150 Akerman Brad Los Angeles
1042 Bevan Roland Altadena
1027 Bradford Robert Los Angeles
1375 Brown Patty Los Angeles
1041 Caetta Jennifer Altadena
1528 Crary Ashley Los Angeles
2146 Creighton Laura Northridge
1874 Croshere Peter Mar Vista
1682 Deluhery Rod El Segundo
1276 Farwell Robert Pasadena
2161 Ferrari Steve Manhattan Beach
1313 Follett David Palos Verdes
1717 Gallaway Earl Van Nuys
1312 Gilmore David Redondo Beach
1145 Hodgens Jennifer San Dimas
1377 Holmes Juanesta Torrance
1916 Jimenez Arturo Venice
1781 Morgan Peggy El Monte
1260 Mullen Andrea North Hollywood
2130 Nason Karyn Redondo Beach
1409 Scott Mark Burbank
1333 Smith Andrew Los Angeles
1189 Smith Nancy North Hollywood
1073 Sokoloff Paul Los Angeles
1461 Thurm Joel Los Angeles

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(Updated 07/29/98)

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