GTE Big Ride

Sunday, June 14, 1998

GTE Big Ride - Registration - Day 0

Dan Pallotta of TeamWorks, organizers of the GTE Big Ride Across America, is on hand to make sure everyone is "breathing easy" during rider registration in Seattle.

Roland Bevan # 1042 and Jennifer Caetta # 1041 from Altadena, will be married in September. ?They requested from their wedding guests to pledge money instead of wedding gifts." ?Because of our conviction that the American Lung Association of Los Angeles County is a worthy cause, we are donating six and a half weeks of time during which we could have otherwise been earning money. ?We are asking that instead of wedding presents, you pledge, not your time, not your legs but instead money."

Three cyclists, Dr. Andrea Mullen # 1260, Nancy Smith #1189 both residents from North Hollywood, and Arturo Jimenez #1916 from Venice have registered and are ready to begin their cross country trip.

Cyclists, Peter Croshere # 1874 from Mar Vista seen here gets a safety inspection for his bicycle before he takes-off.

Patty Brown # 1375 from Van Nuys, was excited to spend time with her family prior to hitting the road. ?They support her efforts to raise money for lung disease.

Monday, June 15, 1998

GTE Big Ride - Day 1

Opening ceremonies took place in Seattle's Leon H. Brigham Field. Over 720 cyclists gathered from different parts of the country to make American history. They have come together to raise awareness for the fight against lung disease.

Karyn Nason, cyclist #2130, a tri-athlete from Redondo Beach and employee from Quarterdeck, who generously supported her with a donation, was given time-off to ride across America. She is shown here holding the sign to begin day 1 her long journey from Seattle Washington to Easton, Washington.

Nancy Smith #1189 from North Hollywood (center) wearing the yellow jacket at the Leon H. Brigham Field is seen here with other cyclists holding hands for a special prayer before they start their trek across the country.

Rod Deluhery # 1682 is another one of our proud cyclists from El Segundo, just before he started the GTE Big Ride. ?We made sure to snap a picture of this enthusiastic cyclist.

Juanesta Holmes (right), an American Lung Association of Los Angeles County volunteer, here with two cyclists, is a script supervisor for Warner Brothers' "The Steve Harvey Show". ?She secured donations from the show's staff and her boss, Steve Harvey, bought her bicycle. ?Stan Lathan, director and executive producer, was responsible for providing her with a tent and camping gear. Juanesta is riding in memory of her big brother who died of asthma when he was two-years old.

Mary Pierce and Shirley St. Cyr suffer the same chronic, inherited and ultimately fatal lung disease. Mary (left) has covered a lot of ground since receiving a double lung transplant in 1993 - a transplant that saved her life. Two years ago, Mary won a gold medal in cycling at the 1995 World Transplant Games in Manchester, England. Shirley, at age 29 with nine-month old twins, and three older children was diagnosed with lung disease.

She met Mary Pierce who helped her change her diet and begin a weight and cycling program. Shirley, who depended on an oxygen tank was relieved when she began to gain her strength through her change in routine. In 1996, Shirley was removed from Loyola's transplant waiting list because she was too healthy.

Today, both women, who depended on oxygen tanks, feel great and have set out to accomplish another goal-cycling cross-country in the GTE Big Ride.

The GTE Big STAR (Satellite Telecommunications Assisting Riders) provides all the riders with an opportunity to check their e-mail from friends and family. Star also provides services for cyclists to use their pre-paid calling cards to make phone calls to loved ones. Robert Bradford, cyclist # 1027, is keeping The American Lung Association of Los Angeles County up to date via e-mail.

(Updated 08/14/98)

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