Founded in 1904 to battle tuberculosis, The American Lung Association is the oldest volunteer health organization in the United States. Still, today the ALA needs your volunteer help and interest.

From assisting with events to helping at the ALA main office, volunteers can participate in any number of ways. Here is a list of volunteer opportunities. There are also a large number of volunteer committees that welcome people of all backgrounds and expertise to join and take part in making a difference in their community. If you have health-related experiences to share, you can offer support and guidance to others directly through our Volunteer Speakers Bureau.

One volunteer opportunity specifically for medical professionals is the Association's Professional Speakers Bureau, which consists of a professional team of volunteer specialists who reach out to the community to speak on numerous lung health issues and encourage individuals to actively participate in maintaining the health of their lungs.

If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, contact us and express your interests. Call directly at: (or 1-800-LUNG-USA).

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