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Congratulations to Rod Bernsen of Good Day LA, who is now an ex-smoker!
Find out how Rod did it, get more information, and send Rod words of encouragement.

I Quit Smoking With Rod

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????-- 1-877-999-LUNG (5864)
Breath Games, November 7, 1999
???? -- Informac?on en ingles y espa?ol.
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new.gif Trudeau Society November 30, 1999 Meeting
???? -- "Outcomes of Post-ICU Mechanical Ventilation"
Trudeau Society Executive Committee, ?Fiscal Year 1999-2000
Free Living Trust Seminars
How Your Child Can Help Improve Our Local Environment
The Environmental Health of your Neighborhood School
1999 Freedom From Smoking Clinics
1999 Respiratory Support Groups and Educational Classes
Link to JAMA's Asthma Diagnosis and Management Guidelines.

ASTHMA is on the Rise. ?Please double your efforts. ?

Updated 11/07/99

When You Can't Breathe, Nothing Else Matters ?
The mission of the American Lung Association of Los Angeles County
is to prevent and eliminate lung disease
and to improve the quality of life and health of those with lung disease.
Your contributions to Christmas Seals ? and Chanukah Seals ? help make the difference.

For more information on lung health, programs, and special events,
call ? ? (or ? ; ? ; ?1-800-LUNG-USA), ? or send us email.
? 1999 American Lung Association of Los Angeles County

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