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Smoke-Out Cigs at the LA Zoo

Thousands of people visit the zoo every year. The L.A. Zoo is a premier outdoor classroom for students throughout Los Angeles County. Because it is outdoors, the zoo still allows people to smoke. At Kick Butts we think that's dead wrong. Families, children, teens and the innocent animals should not be exposed to the cancer-causing chemicals in cigarette smoke.

Surveys show that if teens see adults smoke, they are more likely to start smoking. Most adult smokers started before they were eighteen. Despite all the warnings, all the health risks, smoking among teens has actually increased in California. That makes it even more important for family and teen-friendly venues such as the L.A. Zoo to Kick Butts and say "NO" to smoking.

A "smoke-free" zoo sends a message to teens, adults and children, and teens from the dangers of second hand smoke which can trigger allergies asthma and kills an estimated 50,000 people a year.

Be an advocate and voice YOUR opinion. Write the L.A. Zoo and tell them to "Smoke-Out the Cigs." Let them know you CARE and you won't patronize places that aren't smoke-free, Write to:

The Greater Los Angeles Zoo
5333 Zoo Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90027


Contest Winner Javier Barboza Uses Art to KICK BUTT

Javier Barboza, a senior at Roosevelt High School, wants to keep his friends from falling prey to cigarettes. He entered the TUPE (Tobacco Use Prevention Program) calendar contest at his school. Susana Reynoso, the TUPE Coordinator at Roosevelt High, created the contest to give student artists an opportunity to showcase their work while educating fellow teens on the dangers of tobacco. Javier's design featuring the school mascot won the coveted front cover of the calendar. When asked about his design, Javier said, "I used the school mascot because it is inspiring to many students. If they see that he doesn't smoke, they will follow his lead. I hope my drawing serves as a positive role model or inspiration to the students."

A talented artist who plans to major in animation and art at college, Javier has been drawing all his life. He takes a design class after school, and is looking forward to graduation and attending Cal Art next fall

KICK BUTTS wishes Javier luck in the future!


Teen Expo '99

KICK BUTTS salutes the Boys and Girls Club of Pomona Valley, who after a meeting with KICK BUTTS teens agreed to adopt a policy to never accept tobacco sponsorship, and promote Teen Expo '99 as a completely "smoke-free" event. 2,000 teens attended the first Annual Teen Expo on March 20th at the Pomona Fairgrounds. They browsed among more than 100 information booths, packed workshops on issues important to teens, saw the latest styles at the fashion show, and had a great time. Stephen G. Wallace, President and CEO of S.A.D.D (Students Against Destructive Behaviors, formerly known as Students Against Drunk Driving) welcomed teens at the opening ceremony. A special "Spotlight on Teens" recognized teens who are doing positive things in their communities, such as volunteering and community service.

Most importantly, teens had an opportunity to meet professionals and organizations focused on their well-being and their future. That's the whole point, according to Lillian Duran, the Project/Event Coordinator for Teen Expo. "Our mission is to get information to teens regarding their current well-being and planning for their future in tomorrow's workplace and world," Lillian said. "Teen Expo gives teens the opportunity to participate in a major conference."

Chloe Lewis, a KICK BUTTS member from USC Magnet School, said "I had fun and got information on how not to start smoking, preventing pregnancy and staying in school." Tiffany Applewhite, another KICK BUTTS member added, "And we really liked the rock climbing."

Join us at Teen Expo 2000.
Contact KICK BUTTS at
1 (800) 806-LUNG, or call Lillian Duren,
Project/Event Coordinator at
1 (626) 334-8322.

Learning How to KICK BUTT

The tobacco industry hires the most creative advertising talent they can find to create appealing ads that sell cigarettes. These highly trained professionals know how to make tobacco look fun, sexy, and appealing to teens. So it makes sense that if you want to fight back and KICK BUTT, you need training as well.

On April 17th, adults and teens currently involved in tobacco education programs attended a special "Training of Trainers" workshop. KICK BUTTS facilitated one of the workshops as part of the Youth Tobacco Control Coalition in Los Angeles. The goal was to "...provide tobacco education updates to youth and adults so they can share this information with their staff members and fellow peers," stated Melissa Mills, KICK BUTTS Program Manager.

This was NOT tobacco 101! Many of the attendees, including teens, have already spent lots of time on the front line fighting tobacco influences in their communities. KICK BUTTS conducted an "ice-breaker" workshop, which taught participants team-building games and activities to use when starting a new tobacco education group. The workshop also covered the basic steps on recruiting new students in the fight against the tobacco industry. KICK BUTTS and LA Link (the Los Angeles Regional Tobacco Linkage Project) are planning a conference in Spring 2000. Look for updates in future KICK BUTTS newsletters.


Attention Wordsmiths & Shutterbug!

Are you a writer extraordinaire? Or do you like taking pictures like the paparazzi! KICK BUTTS needs you! We're looking for teens to write newsletter articles, take pictures, draw cartoons, and profile teens in your school that are making a difference. In exchange, you'll get your story, picture, cartoon, or profile published in KICK BUTTS newsletters and receive credit on our web site.

Contact KICK BUTTS at 1 (800) 806-LUNG for more information on how to write an article, or mail your artwork or photographs to:

Newsletter/web site
Editorial Staff
c/o American Lung Association of Los Angeles County
5858 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA


KICK BUTTS Teens Purchase Cigars in Internet Sting

On March 13th, six KICK BUTTS members from the Watts Health Foundation Chapter purchased cigars and tobacco paraphernalia over the internet. Participating teens proved that by having internet access, ANYONE can easily purchase tobacco products without an age and identification check, as well as a verification of the authorized user of the credit card. The cigar internet buy was a component of the Anti Cigar Task Force. The main goals of the task farce are to reduce teen access to tobacco and prohibit selling tobacco products over the internet to teens under the age of 18. LA Link and KICK BUTTS will use the "evidence" to lobby local governments to establish rules and regulations that keep tobacco out of the hands of underage teens.


Cigar Magazine Letter Writing Campaign

Make a difference and join the KICK BUTTS Cigar Magazine letter writing campaign. This campaign will target the editors, encouraging them to change the name of the magazine.

To find out how you can participate, or for information on other Anti Cigar Task Force activities write to:

Anti Cigar Task Force
c/o American Lung Association of Los Angeles County
5858 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 300
Los Angeles, CA


Anti Tobacco Ad Contest

How creative are you? Have you ever thought about working in an ad agency? Show us your stuff! Find a magazine or newspaper ad that advertises tobacco products and then recreate it showing the true facts about tobacco and how it damages your health. The best ad will win a four-pack of movie tickets!

The contest is open to teens, ages 13-19, who live in Los Angeles County. Include your full name, school name, birthdate, school grade, mailing address (no P.O. Box's) and phone number, All entries are due by July 1, 1999. Winners will be notified by phone and/or mail, and announced in the next newsletter and web site.

Congratulations to the winners of our last contest, "How would you stop tobacco companies from sponsoring events in your community (carnivals, fairs, etc.)." Maria Elena Hernandes from Roosevelt High School won a pair of tickers to Six Flags Magic Mountain! Arinique Ladmirault from Our Lady of Victory and Angela Martinez from Fairgrove Academy both won KICK BUTTS gear...
Congratulations and enjoy your prizes!


A Focus on Tobacco

What do you think about the way the tobacco industry tries to lure teens into smoking? From silly cartoon characters to macho cowboys, they try many tricks to make smoking took attractive. But, in reality, what does it really look like? KICK BUTTS wants to see the tobacco industry from your perspective. We are hosting a photograph contest so you can show us exactly how tobacco appears in your community. Winning photos will be featured on the KICK BUTTS web site, newsletter and special edition art book. Participation is limited, so don't delay.
1 (800) 806-LUNG for contest details.

  1. Contest Detail:

  2. KICK BUTTS will provide a disposable camera to contest entrees.

  3. Be Creative! Take pictures of friends or family members who smoke, tobacco ads in your community, or any other images that best illustrates the personal impact of the tobacco industry.

  4. Submit camera to KICK BUTTS -- deadline to submit cameras is October 15

  5. KICK BUTTS will develop the film. A duplicate set of prints is available for $5.00 pre-paid fee.

  6. KICK BUTTS, Association staff & volunteers will select winning photos.

  7. Winning photos and artist biographies will be included in the KICK BUTTS art book. (Printing is limited)
Prizes will be given to all participating students. Winning photographs will be selected on content and artistic expression. If your photographs are chosen you will be notified by phone and/or mail in October. Submitted photographs become the property of KICK BUTTS.

For additional information on how to participate in this project, or to reserve your free copy of the art book, please contact KICK BUTTS at
1 (800) 806-LUNG.


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