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Breath Takes: Fall/Winter 1998

Fall/Winter, 1998
Vol. 5, No. 1

This is a portion of the American Lung Association of Los Angeles County's 1998 Breath Takes. ?If you would like to receive a complete copy, please call the American Lung Association at
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Thousands of children live each day in fear of having an asthma attack. Quite often, this fear prevents them from participating in physical activities because they do not realize that their asthma attacks can be managed before they occur. Participating in Asthma Camp(r) and Breath Games teaches these children how to manage their asthma while participating in exercise and athletic activities.

Each year, the American Lung Association of Los Angeles County holds two Asthma Camps. In early August, nearly one hundred boys and girls from Los Angeles County enjoyed a week of fun and activities at Club Wilderness in the San Bernardino Mountains, at the 21st Annual Asthma Camp. The Association held the camp in collaboration with Barlow Respiratory Hospital. Many of the kids who attended would not be able to enjoy a sleepover camp experience were it not for the annual camp.

The campers enjoyed many activities such as swimming, arts and crafts, and games in addition to educational programs designed to help campers understand their asthma, recognize what triggers their asthma, and learn how to prevent and control asthmatic episodes. Doctors and staff from Barlow Respiratory Hospital and trained volunteers supervised the sleepover camp and the campers' medical needs.

The annual Asthma Day Camp was held at California State University, Long Beach from June 29 through July 24. Children with asthma were able to enjoy the same fun and fitness activities that children at the sleepover camp enjoyed. For the campers that did not know how to swim, swimming lessons were provided by certified swimming instructors. As part of the curriculum the campers participated in asthma education sessions based on "Open Airways For Schools," a pediatric asthma education program.

On Sunday, November 1 the Association hosted the 12th Annual Breath Games, for children ages 9-14, at California State University, Northridge, in conjunction with the University's Center for Student Health. Breath Games provides boys and girls with asthma an opportunity to have fun participating in track and field events, and allows children and parents to learn about the health benefits of exercise for children with asthma. Breath Games is not only a fun filled day of exercise and competition, but encourages boys and girls to lead active lives.

Children with asthma experienced a huge leap in self-confidence at this year's Breath Games

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