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Breath Takes: Summer 1999

Summer, 1999
Vol. 6, No. 1

This is a portion of the American Lung Association of Los Angeles County's 1998 Breath Takes. ?If you would like to receive a complete copy, please call the American Lung Association at
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ALAIAC and the Mexican American Opportunity Foundation (MAOF) are collaborating on community projects that will make a difference in East Los Angeles. The Mexican American Opportunity Foundation is the largest private foundation of its kind in the country, with over 500 employees.

ALAIAC and MAOF will partner in bringing pediatric asthma education to. 450 families currently have children enrolled in these centers. Since Latino children are twice as likely as non- Latino children to develop asthma, there is a growing need for asthma education and awareness. Also, starting this school year, California law now allows teachers to give young children nebulizer treatments while at school. Previously, parents had to leave work and come to school to give their child this treatment. Now, thanks to this new law, teachers are allowed to give these treatments, so parents can stay at work.

ALALAC and MAOF are also dedicating considerable resources to tuberculosis (TB) testing and education, a high priority since Dionicio Morales, the founder of MAOF, is a tuberculosis survivor. MAOF is developing a program to help new immigrants, of which ALALAC's TB (testing and education may become an important part. "This partnership is a bridge, bringing two public benefit organizations together," said Enrique Chiock of ALALAC. "We will be in a position to make an impact on many important issues, including environmental justice issues, that concern all of us."

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