Chairman William A. Burke, Ed.D.
Members of the SCAQMD Governing Board
Dr. Barry Wallerstein, Executive Director
South Coast Air Quality Management District
21865 E. Copley Drive
Diamond Bar, CA 91765
Fax: (909) 396-3340
E-mail: bwallerstein@
Re: Proposed Fleet Rule 1195

Dear Chairman Burke, Dr. Wallerstein, and Members of the SCAQMD Governing Board:

I am writing to urge you to develop and adopt a school bus rule that requires the purchase of only clean, alternative fuel buses. Only a strong Proposed Rule 1195 will significantly reduce the level of toxic air contaminants and other harmful pollutants that our children are exposed to on their way to and from school every day.

As you know, diesel exhaust has been listed as a known carcinogen under Proposition 65 since 1990, and was identified as a toxic air contaminant by the California Resources Board in 1998. Moreover, your agency concluded earlier this year that over 70% of the cancer risk from the air in the South Coast Air Basin comes from diesel exhaust. Children are at a greater risk from diesel exhaust, due to their smaller body size and increased breathing rate. In addition, school bus fleets include some of the oldest and most polluting buses on California roads today.

Why should a lesser health standard apply to our kids? Please adopt a rule like your transit bus rule, which limits new purchases to alternative fuels, to protect our children. Our children are worth it.