How do you know if you are going to have an asthma episode? Your body gives you asthma warning signs that an asthma episode may be about to begin. It is sort of like when your stomach growls to let you know it is hungry.

There are some early asthma warning signs:
1. You cough a lot, especially during exercise or after exercise.
2. You wake up at night because you are coughing or having trouble breathing.
3. You have an itchy, scratchy throat, nose and eyes.

And some later asthma warning signs:
4. You feel tightness in your chest - as if someone is squeezing you really hard.
5. You wheeze when you breathe.
6. It is difficult to breathe.

You should tell an adult as soon as you feel any of these asthma warning signs. You may need to see your doctor.


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