Celebrity Victims of Tobacco

This is a list of some of the well-known celebrities who have died as a result of smoking related diseases. Sadly, this list keeps growing.

Michael Landon, actor, Highway to Heaven Pancreatic Cancer, age 54
Jerry Garcia, musician, Grateful Dead Heart Disease, age 53
Larry Linville, actor, M*A*S*H Lung Cancer, age 60
Desi Arnaz, actor, musician, I Love Lucy Lung Cancer, age 69
Lucille Ball, actor, I Love Lucy Heart Disease, age 77
Carl Wilson, musician, The Beach Boys Lung Cancer, age 51
John Candy, comedian Heart Disease, age 55
Sammy Davis, Jr., entertainer Throat Cancer, age 64
Walt Disney Lung Cancer, age 65
Yul Brynner, actor, The King and I Lung Cancer, age 65
Sarah Vaughan, singer Lung Cancer, age 66
Errol Flynn, actor Heart Disease, age 50
Babe Ruth, baseball player Throat Cancer, age 53
Jimmy Dorsey, musician Lung Cancer, age 53
Humphrey Bogart, actor Throat Cancer, age 57
Clark Gable, actor Heart Disease, age 59
Gary Cooper, actor Lung Cancer, age 60
Bob Fosse, actor, director, choreographer Heart Disease, age 60
Jackie Gleason, actor, The Honeymooners Heart Disease, age 71
Many of these talented, creative people suffered with their disease for 10 years or more before they died.



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Celebrity Victims of Tobacco

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updated 11-7-01