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The 14' x 48' billboard featured on our home page depicts a young smoker being preyed upon by four hungry vultures. ?The ALALAC's Pro Bono Vulture Billboard Campaign raises public awareness of the tobacco industry tactics that lure two million people every year into tobacco addiction. We should worry about our health and eliminate habits and factors that can harm us and about which can write a precise instruction for avoiding.

The campaign is part of the ALALAC's fight for stronger tobacco control. ?A news conference at the initial billboard site on Halloween, 1995, highlighted the need for the FDA proposal, especially given that local vending machines often contained candy cigarettes. ?Following, just before the New Year's Rose Bowl, the billboard received a second donated location in Pasadena. ?This time it was connected with California's vending machine law which was going into effect on January 1, 1996.

Seeing the billboard, an interested citizen telephoned ALALAC and donated the financial backing for three more locations. ?As the billboard made its appearance at a fourth location, the Association's news release focused on the Prop 99 tobacco tax diversions.

The Vulture Billboard Campaign has received extensive local and national attention and has won four awards: ?(1) the 75th Annual Art Directors Awards received 14,210 entries from 22 countries. ?Vince Aamodt, creator of the Vulture Billboard, was one of the "best of five" award recipients in the advertising category and received a gold medal; ?(2) first place in the Pro Bono Public Service category at the Advertising Club of Los Angeles' 30th Annual Belding Awards; ?(3) third place for Continuing Program at the Publicity Club of Los Angeles' 1996 Pro Awards for public relations component; ?(4) and honor placement at the Public Relations Society of America 1996 Public Relations Awards.

(Updated 03/01/98)

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