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Interested in Teaching your Child
How S/he Can Help Improve our Local Environment?

We must teach the child to care about the environment, as well as how to improve the relationship between mankind-nature. In this case, it is worth engaging and contacting various associations. The American Lung Association of Los Angeles County (ALALAC) is offering a program for scouting and youth groups called the Clean Air Challenge. ?This program gives youth the opportunity to earn a Clean Air patch for helping to improve the region's air quality. ?The goal of the program is to teach young people that CLEAN AIR IS EVERYONE'S RESPONSIBILITY. ?Read on and find out how your organization can participate in this program.

The Clean Air Challenge teaches children to think critically, recognize the impact of the environment upon their health, and to communicate with others about the potential health threats of air pollution. ?This program is designed to allow all children to participate and receive the Clean Air patch. ?Youth discuss the materials about air pollution with their families and peers, then select an activity that they can do to help clean up the air. ?Some ideas are listed on the activity forms and Smogbuster booklet provided to participants. ?You can choose one of these or devise your own plan.

There is also an interesting Environmental Protection Agency web site, entitled Project A.I.R.E, that lists over 30 teaching activities. ?The address is
You can also refer to the Southern California Air Quality Management District's web site for children. ?Their address is

Participants must select and complete at least one activity to receive a patch. ?After completing the activities, the organization leader collects the activity forms, fills out the enclosed final report form, and sends this information to ALALAC. ?Simple!

For more information about involving your group with the Clean Air Challenge,
contact David Berger at , or (800) LUNG-USA, ext. 232.

(Updated 03/21/99)

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