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Open Airways for Schools® is a school-based asthma management and education program for children grades 3-5 as well as their entire "network of care": parents, teachers, school nurses and classmates. Through group discussion and lively activities, children learn to solve problems related to asthma and increase their confidence in mastering asthma management skills.
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C.H.A.M.P Camp (Children's Health and
Asthma Management Program)

CHAMP Camp is a free, week-long outdoor camping experience for kids with asthma. Medical staff is around all the time so its safe to swim, rock climb and do sports and arts and crafts. If you are 8-12 years old, have asthma and want to spend a week doing camp staff then CHAMP Camp is for you!

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Adult Asthma & COPD

Better Breathers Clubs are support groups for adults suffering with lung diseases. Currently the Better Breathers Clubs are being restructured and are not in session at this time, but we would like to get your name, address and phone number so we can send you the new start-up date as soon as its ready. However, other Respiratory Support Groups and Respiratory Educational Classes are held at many locations throughout Los Angeles County.

Thank you for your patience.

Tuberculosis (TB)

Community TB Screenings provide education, outreach, free tuberculosis Mantoux skin testing, and appropriate medical follow-up for those at high-risk of contracting the disease. You can get a skin test at your doctor's office or call 1-800-427-8700 to reach the L.A. County TB control center nearest you.

Clean Air

Clean Air Kids Clubs use a youth-oriented air quality education program to teach kids about Clean Air. This program is offered through local Scout groups, Boys and Girls Clubs and other community organizations. Kids can earn a Clean Air patch and certificate. Everything you need to do the program is now available on the O24U section of our website. Go to for more information.
If you are a teacher, youth group leader, or parent and want more information, click here.

Tools for Schools helps school administrators and faculty, with the help of an industrial hygienist mentor, learn how to assess indoor air quality problems and how to implement low-cost or no-cost means of improving the indoor environment. For more information please call x227.

Clean Air Newspaper Supplement is a reader-friendly piece distributed through local newspapers informing the public about clean air information and programs. The last supplement went to over 250,000 households through La Opinion, the largest Spanish language newspaper in Los Angeles.


Freedom from Smoking® is a positive, upbeat stop-smoking clinic that provides the support and skills to quit. Offered at various locations in Los Angeles County, this program uses behavior modification techniques. It's one of the most successful stop-smoking program in Los Angeles.

Stop Smoking Self-Help Kit contains a self care handbook, tips, lessons and a relaxation tape all designed to get the individual to stop smoking. It's based on our successful Freedom From Smoking program. Stop Smoking Self-Help Kits are available for a fee of $25 plus shipping and handling.
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S.T.A.R.S. (Seeking Tobacco Alternatives with Realistic Solutions) is an advocacy program that encourages the entertainment industry to de-glamorize tobacco use on screen and in television.

Young Ambassadors is a program within S.T.A.R.S. allowing teens ages 13-18 to talk with entertainment industry executives and perform sketches about the damaging images of smoking in movies and television.
If you are a teacher, youth group leader, or parent and want to bring this program to your school or community group, click here.

Medical & Professional

Research Grants allow local medical researchers to pursue breakthroughs in treatments, improvements in patient care and cures for lung disease. For more information please call x227.

Dr. Samuel J. Sills Scholars Fund brings leading pulmonologists to Los Angeles County to share their medical expertise with the local medical community. For more information please call x227.

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