Am I Having an Asthma Episode?

An asthma episode is when the lungs react to something that irritates them. When this happens, three changes take place in your lungs:

1. Cells in your air tubes make extra mucus, clogging the airflow.
2. The air tubes swell, narrowing the passages for air to flow.
3. The muscles in your air tubes tighten.


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Am I Having an Asthma Episode?

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Learn to know the danger signs of asthma or an asthma episode.

  • It is difficult to breathe.
  • You cough a lot during exercise, or when you rest after exercise.
  • You wheeze when you breathe.
  • You feel tightness in your chest.
  • You wake up at night because you are coughing or having trouble breathing.

If you experience some of these problems, you should visit your doctor. You can often control what bothers your lungs ("triggers" the asthma episode) by avoiding the asthma triggers.

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